Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


Meeting The Need For Adult Literacy


Learning English is an essential step for many immigrants as they adjust to living in a new country and a new culture.  The ability to communicate fluently in English is an important skill that enables working men and women to progress in their careers and improve life for themselves and their families.

GLCAC is a committed member of Mayor Rivera’s ESOL Task force to help serve the needs of   the language acquisition needs of the community.

The Basics

ESOL courses emphasizes the development of English language learning through speaking, writing, analytical reading, and critical thinking skills. Hybrid learning model offer students a new way to learn where they will participate in both in-person classrooms setting and online. There are two components to this learning module:   supervised instruction and self-directed study. Each module of study is 5 hours for a total of 10 hours per week of English Language Development.





Course Descriptions:


ESOL Level  I classes focus on and low beginning  literacy skills. The class works on both verbal and written basic communication skills.


ESOL Level II classes focus on high beginner skills, building upon foundational skills.


ESOL Level III classes are a context base learning environment that focuses on workplace skills.


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