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LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

LIHEAP/Fuel Assistance applications for the 2021/2022 fuel season are available. If you have not received one already, please contact us. Paperwork and forms can still be dropped off in a drop box located outside our main entrance @ 305 Essex Street. 




Emergency Heating Assistance call (978) 681-4955

**Fuel Assistance call (978)-681-4950


***Fuel Assistance will have staff available Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 4:30 to process phone interview/applications, check status of your fuel application or answer any questions about LIHEAP 


  • You may send copies of your documents by e-mail to, Hand them to our staff at the street level help desk or use the drop box, both are located at GLCAC, 305 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA

To Mail Application

305 Essex St
Lawrence MA 01840 

  • The LAST DAY to apply for fuel assistance is April 30th, 2022 An application MUST be signed and postmarked by that date to begin the fuel application process.


Helping Families Stay Warm

We can help you keep warm and provide assistance in paying energy bills. 

How It Works

  • Aid is available to pay a portion of winter heating bills for the primary heat source.
  • Payments are made directly to the fuel provider.  Applies only to oil, propane, coal, wood, gas, kerosene and electric.
  • Aid may be available even if your rent includes heat or you live in subsidized housing.
  • Supplemental benefit considered for eligible households with a high energy burden.
  • We serve Lawrence, Methuen, Andover, North Andover, Reading and North Reading.

Who Qualifies?

You may qualify if the total annual gross income for all household members meets state and federal guidelines.

2021-2022 Income Guidelines

Family Size

Gross Annual Income















See complete Income Eligibility Chart


How To Apply

Applications accepted November 1 to April 30 2022

To apply for fuel assistance, will you need: copies of all of the following documents,  with your signed  21-22 application 

  • Proof of income from all sources for the past 30 days for all household members 18 years or older. 
  • Social Security numbers and birth certificates for all household members.
  • One of the following photo IDs: A valid government-issued ID, a student ID, or an employee ID.
  • Current heating/utility bills to verify address.
  • Proof of rent or mortgage payment amount. For renters, a current copy of lease/rent agreement.  For homeowners, bring a copy of your mortgage statement, tax bill, and homeowner insurance premium.


New LIHEAP applicants: apply the following ways   to get an application or talk to our staff

  •     Schedule an appointment using our online scheduling system Click here to schedule an appointment  
  • Appointments by phone, call (978) 681-4950 between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 
  • E-Mail
  • Home visits are available to homebound handicapped and elderly applicants.

Previous LIHEAP applicants will receive an application and instructions in the mail.  No appointment necessary.

Behind On The Bills?

  • Call your utility company to set up a monthly payment plan in exchange for a reduction in debt.
  •  Check your utility bill to see if you are receiving discount rates as a low-income household.

Facing a Service Shut Off?

Gas and electricity may not be shut off from November 15 to March 15 if you demonstrate a financial hardship or are already billed at a discounted rate.  You can prevent a heat or electricity shut off by contacting the utility with documentation that shows:


  • All household members are 65 years of age, except for minor children in the care of the elder(s). 

Serious Illness

  • The customer or a family member living in the residence has a serious illness, as stated in a letter from a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or the Board of Health. (A letter for a serious illness must be renewed every 30 days; every 90 days for a chronic illness.)
  • Proof of financial hardship form.

Infant in the Home

  • Proof an infant under the age of 12 months lives in the home (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or any other reasonable proof.)
  •     Proof of financial hardship.

Recently Moved

  • Proof you qualify for a Cromwell Waiver that prevents a denial of service at a new location for unpaid balances from previous addresses.
  •  Proof of payment plan for unpaid balances.

Contact LIHEAP

How can we help you?

Due to the volume of inquiries, we ask clients to help us better serve them by following these instructions.


If You Have No Heat, Call (978) 681-4955

If you are a homebound handicapped or elderly applicant unable to visit GLCAC’s office, call (978) 620-4774.

Apply for LIHEAP

New applicants: Follow the instructions above under “How To Apply.”

Returning applicants: Complete and mail in the application mailed to your address.


Ask Questions about LIHEAP & Fuel Assistance

By phone: LIHEAP’s telephones are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

By Email: